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Welcome to The Audi TT Forum
What is the TT Forum?

The TT Forum is an independent website whose focus is on ownership of the Audi TT, from its initial conception to current production.

When was the site established?

The site was launched in June, 2000, by Jason Taylor (Jae) of iCandi, Munich, Germany in response to a lack of presence in the UK for a TT website.  Back then, the only TT website was on Audi World, which had a very different layout and navigation.

Within one day of launch, the new website had over 200 members!  Today we have over 56,000!

Who owns The Audi TT Forum?

The site is now owned by Tyre Forums, part of VerticalScope Inc.  Visit the websites here: www.tyreforums.com www.verticalscope.com

Who manages the TT Forum?

The TT Forum and its members are supported by UK based volunteer administrators, moderators and member helpers from the forum community itself. The website server maintenance and community support are also provided by the forum owners' support and UK based sales staff.

We also have contacts within Audi AG Press and Audi UK who assist with product information and test vehicles attending shows and events.

How popular is the Audi TT Forum?

We deliver, on average, over 18 million pages of information to over 60,000 unique users from all around the globe with over 40 new registrations and over 580 new posts per day.

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