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l Green With Envy...

The TT Shop have released some early details of their 2010 Demo, based on an Audi Exclusive TTRS.

The car was a custom order via Audi Exclusive / quattro GmbH and finished in the famous Porsche Viper Green from the awesome 911 GT3 RS.

The TT forum have been given an exclusive insight into the development of this project and we will be sharing some of the interesting technical details and behind the scenes work.

The standard car leaves the factory with a healthy 340ps and this will jump to over 420ps with The TT Shop's 'Stage 2' performance conversion. To complement this, their stage 3(!) handling upgrade makes sure the car can handle this, and drive like it was meant to! The bespoke interior upgrades finish this all off, so there's something for everyone.

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