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l Gold communications award for TT Forum at Audi Driver International - Saturday 11th October 2014

The TT Forum has been recognised for its achievements in communications by being awarded the prestige Gold award for communications at the Audi Driver International. This event held every year by Autometrix features the biggest gathering of Audi enthusiasts and representatives, traders, clubs and forums open to the public.

The TT Forum celebrated a milestone this year by having its first dedicated stand display for TT Forum members and their cars, sporting its own TT Forum branded flags kindly provided by the new forum owners, Tyre Forums, at Castle Combe race circuit.

After a day of track events, displays and socialising there followed a champagne reception held by Swindon Audi where some of the big names in Audi chatted to guests amongst the gleaming showroom display of the latest models. After the reception the guests were taken to the Swindon Hilton for the gala evening and served with a three course meal followed by the awards ceremony hosted by Paul Harris (editor of Audi Driver magazine) with awards presented by Norman Gault (Audi Heritage collection) - for Audi and independent dealerships, personalities and clubs/forums. This year we were delighted the TT Forum was awarded the Gold award for communications - improving on the Silver award for communications won in 2007.

It’s good to talk. That’s what someone said just recently at this year’s Audi Driver International and that’s what an online community like the TT Forum is all about; talking or communicating. That’s the essence of the TTF since it was first established by previous owner Jason Taylor (aka Jae) on 6th June 2000. The forum has grown over the last 14 years from a few hundred to over 50,000 registered members with anything between 400 and 900+ users online at any one time.

When the forum was first established, a hand full of topics were being discussed with only a few ‘boards’ to post on. These days there is a TT MKI, TT MKII as well as a TT MKIII section, a TT Events section, Off Topic to talk about almost anything that comes to mind as well as the TTOC board and the Site Sponsors’ boards. Today, almost 294,000 topics have been discussed nearing 2,735,000 posts - an impressive growth for a forum that was started by a single person.

The TT Forum quickly became a daily ‘meeting place’ for like-minded TT fans and when it stopped working for two weeks in the early days, the members carried on communicating via emails or text messages to arrange meets or answer the many questions about TT related issues – so pressing was the need to communicate. Of course, as the popularity of TTF grew it was no longer possible for a single TT enthusiast to keep everything up to date and making sure everything was working correctly, so more and more support was needed. These days there are six moderators and administrators giving up their free time to ensure smooth running of the forum as well as support from the present owners Tyre Forums; to ensure communication can be enjoyed by all.

Communication is a category that gets recognised at the ADI. And the hard work that all moderators and administrators along with the combined contribution of all its very enthusiastic members, given so freely year after year, was recognised with the prestigious ADI Gold Award for Communications. Well done TTF and a big thank you to the forum owners for their support: It’s good to talk.

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