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Re: TT Owners Club Membership Options...

08 Jun 2017, 12:47

hephe wrote:
Nem wrote:
hephe wrote:Hi, I just joined the TTOC (I used PayPal for payment - £30) but I still got no email confirmation nor membership number - although payment went through fine. Am I missing something or is the process part manual and there is a wait time maybe? I only got the "Thank you for registering" email, nothing else.

The TTOC is a voluntary run club and your membership order will be processed more than likely this evening when our membership secretary has time to sort through today's orders.

Ah ok that makes sense. No rush though, I just thought I missed something when purchasing and registering. Cheers for the clarifications :)

No problem, just depends what time andrew gets in from work and has his tea :)

Welcome to the club!
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