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Bad Clutch or bad clutch master cylinder

10 Nov 2019, 16:29

Hey guys, NEW member here and new owner of a 2000 TT Audi ( stillll love my mazda rx-8 ).
I bought my TT recently about last week for a good price to be my project car. Recently when I drove the car it felt like i couldn't catch any gears. the previous owner stated it was a master cylinder problem. however to my knowledge the master cylinder affects the breaking on the car. I looked to feel any sponginess on the break pedal or to see if the clutch wouldn't come back up. the break has normal amount of pressure. nothing seems off with that. however the previous owner also said he replaced the clutch ( not himself some low budget mechanic in largo vista, THERE WAS A WRENCH attatched to the master cylinder still in the engine bay when i bought the car and he didn't reconnect the air filter or the ducts back together). so the owner previously SAYS that he replaced the clutch and that it had only 40 miles on it. so anyways i noticed a few fiber/ hair like partical's that were shiny ( CLUTCH) all over the engine bay. im pretty sure its the clutch but I wanna hear some other insight to anyone who had a problem similar or exactly like this. THANK YOUUU

Re: Bad Clutch or bad clutch master cylinder

10 Nov 2019, 17:04

Hi, The clutch is hydraulic & has it's own master cylinder & is prone to problems. Bleed the clutch hydraulics first, the bleed nipple is on top of gearbox.
I will move your post into the MK1 section.
Hoggy. :D
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