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Audi TT 1.8 quattro 8N

17 Jun 2020, 11:13

I am a new member, and so the problem I have has probably been covered, but if any of you has the answer I would be grateful.

Car - Mk 1 TT Quattro 1.8 (8N)

Ok - so I damaged my Display by messing up the LCD unit while trying to replace it .. (yep, Im that idiot I know, but im sure Im not alone....)

The car functions ok in ever other respect, but it is annoying not having the lcd, so I managed to get another on, same part number.

I managed to extract the immobiliser number from both units using VAG Tacho, and bought a licence for VCDS Lite. All good so far. The issue starts when I log in and in the adaptaion process get to the "Read channel 50 part.

VCDS says "Channel 50 not available, and an info bubble appers saying "vehicle data learning"

I also tried to log into my cluster (in case the replacement was faulty) but got the same issue

If you guys have any advice (apart from dumping the soldering iron) I would be grateful,


Re: Audi TT 1.8 quattro 8N

17 Jun 2020, 12:06

Hi Steve, Welcome to the TTF.
I will move your post into the MK1 section, you should get more replies.
Hoggy. :D
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