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Discussion and preparation of your car for track and motorsport use
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TTRS track prep

23 Feb 2021, 22:31

I am currently driving a Cayman S and although it is a great car I've had it a while and fancy a change. There are a few cars on my radar but top of the shopping list is the TTRS. There are a few selling points that the TTRS has over other cars, the biggest being that glorious 5 pot engine. A friend of mine has his own tuning business so I would definitely be remapping it. This in mind I will probably need to improve cooling since the car would be seeing a bit of track action. The Cayman comes out of the box ready for the track but from what I've heard the TTRS needs a little fettling. Before I commit to buying one I thought it an idea to post on here what I think a TTRS would need and how much it will cost me. I've heard that TT's can be a bit understeery, I've had this problem with a previous car and fixed it with adjustable ARB's so thought that might be a good idea. All prices are approximate.

Remap - mate rate
FMIC upgrade - 550 quid
ARB upgrade - 450 quid
High temp pads - 450 quid

I always use good quality brake fluid regardless of any track action so haven't mentioned that. I only do 3-5 track days a year on average. If you can think of anything I've got wrong or missed I'd appreciate any feedback from you experienced TTRS track boys.
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