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2002 Audi TT MK1 - 1.8T (quattro)
Moro Blue
46169 Miles
Bought this TT in March 2012 after a couple of months of looking for a good low-milage example (and righting-off my A4 Avant in January of that year!)
The owner before the chap I bought it off of had previously had work done at R-Tech of St. Albans, with receipts for: smokey window tint, Eibach ProKit springs (-25mm) and wheel spacers (15mm each side front and back = 30mm wider track), "Turbo Superchip" map, stainless steel cat-back exhaust (which was advertised as a BlueFlame in the 'for sale' ad, but there's no markings on it to say it is), and a K&N panel air filter.

I had some work done at the TT Shop to address other bits I felt needed upgrading, so they fitted H&R ARBs, a complete set of Forge silicon hoses to the engine and a 008 diverter valve and a full set of SuperPro bushes to all the suspension components. Car handles like a dream now :)

After a poor performance on a TT Forum Rolling Road Day (where it was down on even a standard cars power) it seems that at some point the guy I bought it off had had some work done at a back-street Land Rover garage who replaced the 'Superchip' map with a standard map.

Took it to the TT Shop again, they scanned it and found some sort of standard map and a faulty anti-knock sensor which might have been retarding the ignition (hence it being down on power). Sensor replaced, the car felt much smoother and zippier.

Bought a HG Motorsport FMIC off another TTF member who bought one in a group buy but never fitted it, and fitted it myself. Nice bit of kit it is too.

TT Shop installed a Blueflame 3" stainless steel down pipe with 200 cell sports cat and Revo stage 2 map which has transformed the performance of the car and gave some really healthy results at the 2013 TTF Rolling Road Day! :)
(Though Admiral Insurance then refused to insure me as they said it made my car too powerful! With Adrian Flux Insurance now)

After the RR day and being told my clutch was slipping I got the TT Shop to fit a Sachs 'Organic' clutch.

Also bought and fitted:
42 Draft Designs' engine bay bling kit (replacing the plastic panel bolts);

Euro off-side rear lens assembly from anther TTF member (for twin reverse light symmetry);

Mullum's LED bulb kit (number plate, super-bright white reversing light, interior map, curtesy and glove box, side repeater, and front side-light super-bright LEDs (all made a big difference to the look and function of the lights).
UPDATE: Sadly both Mullum's LED numberplate bulbs blew when they got wet (supposedly). Probably too much jet washing. Now fitted some sealed white Prism LED Festoon bulbs from Halfords.

BMC twin cone filter (to replace the K&N flat panel filter) fitted in the standard air box - similar to a Wakbox, we like to call it a Mondobox;

034 Motorsport small port 10mm Phenolic Spacer;

Brembo GT Junior brake kit - bought off Matt-B when he upgraded to AP callipers, I had the callipers powder coated and serviced by ProCalipers, and them everything fitted by the TT Shop.
They fitted Brembo 232mm drilled disks, 4-pot Brembo Callipers and brake lines, HEL rear brake lines, and Ferrodo DS2500 pads.
They also did an interim service with 'performance' brake fluid, and fitted a new windscreen washer pump.

Genuine BBS CH 014 19" x 8.5J rims bought from moderator from the 'Wheel Trader UK VIP' Facebook group - refurbished by JP Alloys in Cannock who also fitted four new Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT tyres.

Bought but not fitted (yet!):
1. V6/QS front bumper complete with grills and aliens in *mint* condition from eBay (needs spraying Moro Blue) - aliens work, all grills present and correct, couple of speed bump rash marks on the bottom but otherwise perfect.

2. V6/QS rear spoiler from the TT Shop's 'Jumble Sale' day. Same colour as the V6 front bumper so will need respraying, but otherwise perfect.
PriceTotal ModsTotal SpentTotal Topic ViewsVehicle Rating
7950.00 GBP277443.64 GBP21960.00


ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
K&N / High Flow Panel Air Filter0R-Tech Auto Design37.000R-Tech Auto Design0.00010 May 2012, 19:0010 May 2012, 19:00K&N 33-2128 panel air filter. see:
.Purchase and fitting date: 03/08/10 from
Bosch / S5-027 Battery10Eurocarparts64.7510(1) Self Fit / DIY0.00025 Oct 2012, 13:5325 Oct 2012, 13:53As Jeremy Clarkson might say: POWER!
Listed at £87.80 but bought for £64.75 with TTOC discount.
Forge Motorsport / Complete black silicon hose kit10The TT Shop482.7110The TT Shop69.001025 Oct 2012, 13:5625 Oct 2012, 13:56Just about complete Forge silicon hose conversion, comprising of: Silicon Claw hose, Silicon Carbon Canister hose, Turbo Intake breather hose, Silicon E hose, triple Boost Hose Kit and jubilee clips.
Forge Motorsport / Divertor Valve Relocation Kit10The TT Shop0.0010The TT Shop0.001025 Oct 2012, 13:5725 Oct 2012, 13:57As part of the complete Forge hose replacement listed above.
Forge Motorsport / 008 recirc valve10The TT Shop118.0010The TT Shop0.001025 Oct 2012, 13:5725 Oct 2012, 13:57Excellent recirc valve done with Forge cold-side relocation kit.
034Motorsport / Phenolic Inlet Spacer8(2) Forum Member / Friend40.0010(1) Self Fit / DIY0.00007 Jul 2014, 23:0107 Jul 2014, 23:01Bought this small port Phenolic Spacer for my BAM engine as part of a Group Buy on the TTF.

Fitted myself, it was all fairly straight forward (once I got all the pipework off the inlet manifold!).

I took my time as I'd never taken the IM off before (so took a whole day), though someone with some experience could do it in a couple of hours.

No logs of IM temps as yet, but to the touch with the hand the IM in noticeably cooler than before (I'm not burning my hand on the IM now, though you could do before)
Power Flex / Dogbone (Pendulum) mount bushings6The TT Shop23.170The TT Shop0.00008 Jul 2014, 10:1608 Jul 2014, 10:16Fitted to stableize the engine more and stop it from rubbing on the 3" downpipe due to the downpipes increased diameter.
Only marked it a '6' as I can't notice any difference in vibration damping (so it probably works quite well!)
(4) Audi OEM Parts / Main Dealer / OEM Airbox /Wakbox mod10(2) Forum Member / Friend25.0010(1) Self Fit / DIY0.001009 Jul 2014, 07:2809 Jul 2014, 07:28Bought this standard Audi Airbox as I wanted to make a Wakbox/Mondobox enclosure for a BMC twin cone filter, but keep my standard airbox intact in case I didn't like the sound of the Wakbox mod.

You can see the drilled-out Wakbox under the BMC filter modification picture.
BMC / BMC FBTW80-140 twin-air cone filter8Badger 5 LTD63.709(1) Self Fit / DIY0.00509 Jul 2014, 07:3309 Jul 2014, 07:33BMC FBTW80-140 twin-air filter to replace the K&N flat-panel filter I had before.

The 80mm rear of the BMC filter fits straight onto the MAF sensor and his held in place by a jubilee clip.
(That's if you're not incorporating it into the standard air box - in which case you'll need a silicon tube with bend to point it down slightly, and connecting tube)

Drilled out the standard air box to provide additional air flow (into a sort of WAKbox+ (or Mondo-box as I call it, as TTF forum stalwart Mondo did this mod with the BMC filter first))

Cutting the silicon connector pipe to the correct angles was a pain in the arse, so had to cut it a little at a time between trial fittings.
Only gave the instal a '5' rating because of this…
Revo / Revo stage 2 remap9The TT Shop478.800The TT Shop0.00009 Jul 2014, 07:3509 Jul 2014, 07:35Revo Stage 2 software.
Much better throttle response, and because it's running more efficiently better fuel consumption than on the standard map (if driven carefully as before). As well as storing the standard and the Stage 2 map on the SPS, the TT Shop added a tweaked '2+' for trackday use.
Price includes VAT
Revo / Revo SPS Switch software module10The TT Shop180.0010(1) Self Fit / DIY0.00009 Jul 2014, 07:3609 Jul 2014, 07:36Revo SPS module to switch between different maps, simply plugs into the SPS on the car to switch maps!
Price includes VAT.
HG Motorsport / FMIC (Front Mounted Intercooler)10(2) Forum Member / Friend230.000(1) Self Fit / DIY0.00016 Oct 2014, 12:4316 Oct 2014, 12:43HG Motorsport 'HF series' FMIC (front mounted intercooler) - replaces the two smaller side-mounted intercoolers.
Central intercooler comes with all pre-bent metal and silicon rubber mounting pipes.

ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
Sachs Performance / Stage 2 clutch kit (550nm+)8The TT Shop949.0010The TT Shop0.001008 Jul 2014, 13:2608 Jul 2014, 13:26Sachs 'Organic' clutch kit bought from and fitted by The TT Shop as I wanted an upgraded clutch to easily handle the Revo stage 2 remap's extra 'oomph'.
Price includes labour/fitting/alignment and VAT.

Upgraded to this as at the 2013 TT Forum 'Rolling Road' day the guy running the rolling road at the PowerStation said he felt there was quite a bit of clutch slip - it seemed ok to me, but im no expert (still managed 274 bhp on the rollers though!)

After the TT Shop had fitted the Sachs unit they said the original clutch wasn't in too bad a condition!!

Until I got used to it reversing the car was a bit juddery (the Sachs clutch has less dampening springs than OEM), but after a while you get used to it and everything's pretty smooth (though you do notice the clutch is heavier than standard)

ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
Blueflame Performance / Cat Back System0R-Tech Auto Design450.000R-Tech Auto Design46.00024 Oct 2012, 22:0524 Oct 2012, 22:05When I bought the car the advert said it had a stainless steel BlueFlame Cat-back system though there are no marking on the exhaust to say what make it is.
Purchase and fitting date: 03/08/10.
Prices do not include VAT.
Blueflame Performance / 3in Downpipe10The TT Shop643.8210The TT Shop207.001008 Jul 2014, 18:5608 Jul 2014, 18:563" down pipe from the turbo the the rear box - small Sports 200 cell cat.
Prices includes VAT.

ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
Eibach / Pro kit springs0R-Tech Auto Design171.000R-Tech Auto Design115.00010 May 2012, 18:5610 May 2012, 18:56Eibach ProKit spring kit no. EBS1570140 lowers the suspension by -25mm.
Price and fitting date was 03/08/10 - Purchase and fitting price listed above doesn't include VAT
H&R / Front Anti Roll Bar10The TT Shop361.710The TT Shop138.00025 Oct 2012, 13:2725 Oct 2012, 13:27Lovely H&R ARBs keep the car nice and flat in corners.
The purchase and fitting price is for both front and rear bars.
H&R / Rear Anti Roll Bar10The TT Shop0.000The TT Shop0.00025 Oct 2012, 13:2825 Oct 2012, 13:28Lovely H&R ARBs keep the car nice and flat in corners.
The purchase and fitting price (listed under front ARB) is for both front and rear bars.
SuperPro / Suspension Bushes10The TT Shop689.2010The TT Shop138.001025 Oct 2012, 13:3225 Oct 2012, 13:32Replaced all of the bushes with SuperPro items: Anti-roll bar bushes (for H&R ARBs), Wishbone bushes, Toe bushes, Tie-bar arm bushes and Dogbone engine mount bushes.
With laser wheel alignment (add £69.99), the car feels so much more planted now. Highly recommended.

ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
Brembo / GT Junior 4-pot calliper kit9(2) Forum Member / Friend450.0010The TT Shop436.001007 Jan 2015, 00:0307 Jan 2015, 00:03•Bought this kit (Brembo callipers and pads, 232mm drilled disks, brake lines and carriers) from another forum member…

• TT Shop fitted the brake kit with HEL rear brake lines, original Brembo front brake lines, fitting kit and springs, 'performance' fluid upgrade, Ferrodo DS2500 performance brake pads, and brake pad wear sensor (£436 all in)
Brembo / GT Junior 4-pot calliper kit10ProCalipers/Addiction Motorsport Ltd237.009The TT Shop0.00007 Jan 2015, 00:1107 Jan 2015, 00:11Bought this kit (Brembo callipers and pads, 232mm drilled disks, brake lines and carriers) from another forum member who had painted them yellow…

• sent the callipers to ProCalipers for professional powder coating back to Brembo red, and for servicing (£237)…
HEL Brake Lines / HEL S/S Front and Rear Brake Lines3HEL Automotive79.807The TT Shop0.00007 Jan 2015, 00:1607 Jan 2015, 00:16I Bought HEL front and rear brake lines (kit: AUD-4-332)
to fit with a set of Brembo GT Junior big brakes. The front lines were not fitted as they were 4cm shorter than the standard Brembo brake lines, and the union was at 90º rather than the Brembos 45º (meaning they pointed away from the brake line attachment points in the inner wing, effectively making them even shorter). The rear lines were fitted without any problems.

ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
(4) Audi OEM Parts / Main Dealer / Double Cup Holder0Ebay75.000(1) Self Fit / DIY0.00010 May 2012, 19:1310 May 2012, 19:13
Audi / Boot rear cross panel trim7BahnStormer German Car Specialists19.987(1) Self Fit / DIY0.00024 Feb 2013, 21:5324 Feb 2013, 21:53Second-hand boot rear cross panel trim from eBay as the original item was broken and badly glued together when I purchased the car.

ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
(3) Generic / Non-Branded / Rear window tint0R-Tech Auto Design220.000R-Tech Auto Design0.00010 May 2012, 18:4510 May 2012, 18:45Fitting price unknown - cost does not include VAT.
Fitting date: 03/08/10

Alloys & Tyres
ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
Eibach / Wheel Spacers0R-Tech Auto Design140.000R-Tech Auto Design0.00010 May 2012, 18:5410 May 2012, 18:54Eibach wheel spacer kit no. EBSS90215005 (3B3) – M14x1.5 100/5.
Moves each wheel out by 15mm each side (track increases by 30mm)
Purchase and fitting date: 03/08/10.
Fitting price included in the price of fitting Eibach ProKit springs.

ModificationsProduct ratingPurchased fromPricePurchase ratingInstalled byInstallation costInstallation ratingCreatedUpdatedComments
(4) Audi OEM Parts / Main Dealer / Dual Clear Rear Light Clusters10(2) Forum Member / Friend65.000(1) Self Fit / DIY0.00009 Jul 2014, 07:1409 Jul 2014, 07:14Bought a right-hand Euro-spec rear light cluster from a fellow TTF member to get the rear reversing light symmetry look. (Two clear white reverse lamps)

Wired-up to give the twin lens symmetry too (so both reverse lights work as reverse light.)

Coupled with a pair of Mullum's super-bright white LED bulbs look and function are now superb.

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