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I recently installed my 19" summer wheels (from the OEM 18" )and I'm very happy with the results with respect to ride quality/comfort.

Rating comfort/road noise from worst to best (of my set-ups):

Worst - OEM 18" wheels with 245/40 Pirelli OEM Run flats - tires are stiff and very heavy...
Improved - OEM 18" wheels with 225/45 Michelin Snow tires (not Run Flats) I wanted narrower tires for winter
Best - MRR 19" with 245/35 Yokohama (not Run Flats)

I was expecting a slight increase in harshness going with the 19" but that is not the case :p

This supports the theory that the 18" set-up with run flats are harsher than a 19" setup without run flats!!

(I have a compact spare :p )
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