Mileage:130000 M
Time to sell my TT as I've had to move to something more practical for my handyman work (a Passat estate). It's been extremely reliable, but I'm selling as spares/repairs due to the list of things that need doing - all fixable if you have the skills, which I do, and the time, which I don't!
The good bits:
MOT to October 2022 (and can therefore be driven away) - advisory only on rear brake pipe corrosion
New rear brake discs, pads and shock absorbers
Engine runs well and pulls well
DSG box changes perfectly, no issues
4 good tyres, one is new
Apart from the A/C, everything works
The bad bits:
Nearside wheel bearing rumbling
Offside front wheel alignment faulty - I clipped a traffic island and I think the shock strut is bent - there's 3 degrees camber
Engine management light on - the recurrent codes are camshaft sensors and a leak in the SAI
Rust on front wheelarches and bottom edges of doors
Paint lacquer lifting on rear wings and front panel (car has probably had paintwork done in the past)
Aircon not working
Battery doesn't hold charge for long

If you want a 3.2 DSG project car, this could be a good base.

I'll be listing it on ebay too.