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I posted earlier describing my roof problem, the not uncommon occurrance when pressing the roof up button of windows down, flaps up then nothing. I am waiting from Audi to know if there has been a recal for this on my car but feeling a little negative so assuming not. If this is the case I have two options:

1) Put the car into Audi and pay whatever it takes (one figire of £650 shown on an earlier post, gulp).
2) Do it myself.

Now I don't mind having a go at car repairs, see the window regulator issue, but I am unwilling to throw good money after bad as I am not the Bank of England. So I would hate to spend a few hundred quid on a new motor, fit it then find that it is a sensor that has gone and in going it wrecks the motor so I then need to buy another motor and a sensor. Therefore, I would love to know if anybody on here has repaired a car where the roof has stopped working and if so what are the key things to look out for?
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