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Audi UK appoints new Head of Marketing

Audi has announced that the key marketing role at its UK headquarters will be taken up this month by Dominic Chambers, 45, who brings a wealth of blue chip experience to the fast-expanding 'Vorsprung durch Technik' brand.

A marketing specialist for 22 years, Dominic has focused most recently on the technology sector with organisations such as Vodafone and LG electronics. His very appropriate move to Audi, the automotive brand famed for its technological innovation, comes at a time when it is delivering the fastest growth in image terms of any car brand over the past ten years, as well as record global and UK sales and profitability.

Dominic will preside over the communications strategy behind a range that has just peaked at 36 model types, and is set to grow to 42 over the next few years. For the past seven months, this task has been successfully managed on an interim basis by Philip Olden, who in turn took over from Peter Duffy.

"This is a tremendous opportunity to further develop the impressive and strong Audi brand by deploying strategic communication campaigns. I am looking forward to making my contribution to the exciting progress Audi is making in all areas, especially in the ways customers experience and interact with the brand" commented Dominic. Jeremy Hicks, Director of Audi said "We have taken great care in making this crucial appointment that will take us into the next key phase of our development as a brand and an organisation. I am really delighted to have secured Dominic for this role and I am confident that the particular experience he brings will have a tremendous impact on our performance both at a communications level and also in strategic terms".

Audi UK delivered almost 100,000 new cars last year, and is currently the lead brand in the premium sector sales rankings with just under 62,000 deliveries so far this year and a market share of 6.0 per cent
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