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Just having a bit of a general clear out and have the following all open to offers:

2 x Continental SportContact2 225/40/18 tyres with 5-6mm of tread left (for sale as I got a good deal on 4 MPS2s) - they are Porsche N2 rated ... :IT&ih=017

Garage defender - security bar for up and over garage doors ... :IT&ih=017

Laptop rucksack - brand new, black, padded ... :IT&ih=017

Sony Ericsson "mobile phone" rucksack ... :IT&ih=017

Porsche Boxster / 911 996 cup holders ... :IT&ih=017

Porsche wheel centre caps (silver and black crest versions) ... :IT&ih=017

Porsche CD holder (fits dash of Boxster and 911) ... :IT&ih=017

Nokia CAR-K91 full handsfree carkit (for Nokia 6310 or similar) ... :IT&ih=017

Uncharted - Drakes Fortune for the PS3 (fantastic game, boxed as new) ... :IT&ih=017

Mario Party 8 for the Wii (boxed as new) ... :IT&ih=017

Think thats it for now. Happy to take off Ebay to sell to forum member


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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