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I have two Inspiron 11Z machines, both of these are brand new - I haven't even opened the boxes! I now only need one, so need to sell the other. Doesn't make much difference to me which I keep as they are essentially the same, just one is a slightly higher spec.

they are both pentium dual core 1.3ghz ULV processors, 11.6 WLED 1368x768 screens, wireless, integrated graphics with HDMI port and both are Obsidian Black and running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit.

One machine (tag 2BST4L1) has 4gb RAM, a 6 cell battery and a 320gb HDD, the other (tag 3BST4L1) has 2gb RAM, a 3 cell battery and a 250gb HDD.

You can check the full spec here Dell System Information / Dell Warranty Extensions & Upgrades / Dell Warranty Status and input the service tag.

They are effectively the same, These cost me £359.99 for the lower spec model and £449.99 for the higher spec model + £20 shipping. These prices are the same as they are today, other than Dell are now doing free shipping. I have also bought black neporene cases for these at £15 each which I will include.

I am asking for £310 for the lower spec model, delivered inc. the case and £400 for the higher spec model inc. delivery and case. This is basically £50 off the list price for what is still a new laptop (boxes sealed) and a free laptop case to boot!

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