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Hi all,

Its me again, the guy who has the TT with the f*cked up fans!!!!

My fans are still continuing to run when power is given to the car regardless of the fan switch, temp switch and fan control module being replaced. I have got my mate to order me another fan switch and he is going to send the old one away for testing to see if its faulty (if it is and that was the cause of my problem then I will get my cash back for the part and labour). I'm also going to order another fan control module.
The last one I bought was from eBay
Is the part number correct?
The part seems to be a hell of a lot cheaper than what I had been quoted by garages (I know they are in it for the profit but its about £70-£80 cheaper), is it a decent part or is it a shoddy made version?

Another weird thing is that if you pop the keys in and give the car power (not actually start her up just light the dash) the fans come on but then if you quickly turn the keys to off and back to on maybe once or twice (you have to do this fast and I can't imagine this being good for her) then the fans cut out?!?!
Does anybody have an idea what that could be?

Again thanks to everyone for putting up with me so far.
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