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ive booked my TT in several years running to get detailed but ended up having to cancel every year :(

ive borrowed a orbital polisher off a friend who had just done his and make it look easy!

ive no idea what im doing tho,

(im gonna do the 106 first(and proberbly a couople of others) to practice before i even think about mine)

so far i have:

shampoo (autogylm)
megs claybar
dodo juice wax
autoglym perfect polish
polish aplicator
wax aplicator
polishing bonnet
finishing bonnet
none stick blue tape

whats the best way to go aboiut it, do after the wash and clay, polish with the machine, then wax? or do i need spacial polish to use with the machine?

like i said, the 106 a)isnt mine b) is a shitter, so it doesnt matter so im quite happy having a play with that to make sure i dont ruin mine straight away!

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I would read the guide as above, and get yourself some decent pads and polishes. Megs pads are very good and the Menzerna sample kit of polishes would be a good place to start also.
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