Electronic Audi Magnetic Ride Damping Cancellation Kit for Audi TT TTS TTRS A3 S3 RS3
Can be used on all modifications of Audi TT and A3 such as TTS TTRS S3 RS3 only 8J and 8P
(2006 - 2013 m.y.)
Cancellation kits eliminate persistent malfunction codes that exist when upgrading a suspension on a vehicle with electronically regulated dampers. Just plug in the kit instead of the shock absorbers.
00142 (008E) Left Front Dampening Adjustment Valve N336
00143 (008F) Right Front Dampening Adjustment Valve N337
00144 (0090) Left Rear Dampening Adjustment Valve N338
00145 (0091) Right Rear Dampening Adjustment Valve N339
Cancellation Kit will allow you to return the ability to turn off ESP and, as a result, return the launch control or launch start. If you are using simple or sports shock absorbers (not magnetic ride).
The set includes only 4 cancellation unit. They are aluminum cylinders with OEM connectors.
Shipping to UK will cost 10 usd (2-3 weeks), but email me, maybe I can make a discount for forum members or arrange free shipping.
Payment: Paypal
If you need more assurance here is my ebay, but on ebay I cannot offer discounts.
I make the kits myself, I give a 12-month warranty, but you can submit your claims later. Return guarantee if the product does not work or does not fit.