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First of all I am not a computer guru but have a very basic understanding so please keep the answers simple.

I am looking at email hosting to allow syncronisation between several devices (terminal server outlook - where storage is very limited, a work pc and mobile devices -phone and/or netbook) currently for 5 users.

My domain holder is 1and1 internet and they offer both mail-exchange and ms-exchange solutions at a price which I am prepared to go for but this is my requirements and I am not sure if this will do:

1) Robust and Reliability for a work environment
2) Easy set up which I can understand and administer
3) I want all storage on the host (10Gb min per user) with minimum data transfer to the local machines (especially the terminal server)
4) Interface with Outlook 2010, Android, iPhone (possibly Thinderbird) etc.
5) Non USA servers (possibility of stupid US laws overriding international trading requirements [smiley=bomb.gif] )
6) Value for Money

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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