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Beastie had to come home yesterday on back of recovery truck, again!!
less than3K since top end rebuild, oil pump failure, no warning, car was not being pushed & had plenty of oil.
When rebuilt I was meticulous with cleaning the engine, sooo really pissed off. Unfortunately oil pressure warning light came on.................. when it was too ferking late, damage done. Won't be rebuilding this engine, soo in desperate need for an APX engine/bottom end or BAM botom end, need the car for next Fri. Based in Wales but don't mind travelling for the right unit.


Many thanks,
Paddy [smiley=bigcry.gif] [smiley=bigcry.gif] [smiley=bigcry.gif] [smiley=bigcry.gif] [smiley=bigcry.gif] [smiley=bigcry.gif]
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