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Thanks to Barr_End for this excellent list of maintenance topics. While this is specific to the TTS, it should be followed for other variants as well. :)

The standard Audi maintenance schedule does not cover many of these issues, and from over a decade of Mk2 experience, these recommendations should be followed, especially by new owners who may not have a service history for their TT.

"Personally I'd do and have done a lot more than post people on this forum would even know about, purely from following TFSI tuning page on Facebook ever since I've owned my TTS. The TFSI engine variant is in a lot of VAG cars, not even the engine code of a CDL is unique to just the TTS.

My best advice would be to take a long search within that page for information and posts of what happened if you do not".

- Barr_End


Decent oil -
This is number 1 thing to get right in my opinion. Again on this forum you'll be told you're mad for going out of the VW 501/[email protected] emissions spec crap. However there is a reason why too many owner to count and the leading TFSI tuner recommend 5W40 millers nano drive NT+. DIY for service reset - ... &t=1836777

Cam Follower for the High Pressure Fuel Pump - It's a £30 part and 15-20 minutes to change if you're handy on the spanners. For peace of mind you're nowhere near a £2k garage bill to fix it when it goes wrong. If you see silver through the hardened black coating, replace it! ... &t=1912967 ... &t=1886127

Sump clean out and fresh oil pick up - This speaks for itself but worth doing for peace of mind so you won't have the dreaded red oil pressure light.

Cam Belt - Standard service item

Cam Chain - It makes a real difference in engine noise and feel of the engine, chains are not a lifetime item, they stretch and their tensioners become brittle. Early tensioners (Rev H) had a major recall (at least in the US) and there's a TSB on the subject. If you have a VCDS, you can verify chain stretch - ... &t=1855237 ... &t=1898229

Dipstick - Sounds mad but the older orange dipsticks have been revised as they go brittle and snap, putting little lumps of plastic into your oil/sump. Also, the o-ring near the handle can fail leading to a vacuum leak - ... &t=1884051

Injectors - TFSI injectors only have poor little paper element filters which can easily break down, especially on cars where loads of fuel additives have been used. Injectors can be flow tested, filters removed, cleaned, metal mesh filter baskets inserted then flow tested again to make sure they are correct. Another item that's well documented in TFSI world and it well worth peace of mind - ... &t=1838811
Fuel Injector Cleaning Tester Parts | Fuel Injector Clinic | England

Intakes - Whilst you're there, worth while having the inlet & back of the intake valves walnut blasted. TFSI build up carbon due to being direct injection and not having fuel to clean off the back of the valves. No amount of fuel additives or fuel cleaners will help due to the design of direct injection - ... &t=1906615

Plugs - Decent plugs for the price are a must! Don't put any lubricant on the threads. Adding copper paste is an old-school solution and is not only unnecessary (new plugs have a plating designed to provide lubrication) but will cause a false reading on your torque wrench leading to possible over tightening - ... &t=1286697

Diverter Valve - Known weak point on the boost side of things, get a fresh Rev D after checking if yours is split. Very easy to remove on the CDL with it being at the front of the engine bay - ... &t=1912717

Thermostat - Known TFSI issue, easy to identify. Car will not hold 90° on the gauge will be up at higher speeds and only sit at 90° when in traffic or slow moving. Affects the ECU feeling a lot. Bastard of a job but needs must!
https:/ ... 9#p7491529

PCV - Another known weak point for failure - not massively expensive - I haven't seen any symptoms in mine so still running stock one for now -
How to: Audi TT Mk2 (8J) EVAP Faults N80 & EVAP Canister ... &t=1850235
VR6 3.2 (BUB) PCV Diaphragm Replacement Alternative ... &t=1965923

Coil Packs - Most will say "replace for red R8". There's next to no difference in the stock TTS/RS could internally to the "uprated" R8 coils. The stock TFSI coils on the other hand there is a difference. I'm still on my stock coils 115k+. ... &t=1912973

Accessory Belt, Tensioner & Idler Pulley - A good video from Gates on why these should all be replaced together as a matched set. Also a DIY for the VR6 3.2 (BUB) engine - ... &t=1886959 ... &t=1983693

Primary Air Filter - With links for the 2.0 TFSi and VR-6 3.2 (BUB) engines - ... &t=1895811

Secondary Air Pump Air Filter - One of the more obscure filters for VR6 3.2 (BUB) engine - ... &t=1984647


Gearbox -
Obviously fresh fluid is a no brainer regardless of DSG or manual as it's always going to help more than cause issues - ... &t=1875987

Haldex & Final Drive (Diff) - Regardless of what a service shop tells you, the Gen2 and Gen4 Haldex has a filter and it should be changed with the oil. While they're back there, have the final drive fluid changed too. Fluids and filters are cheap insurance - ... &t=1865047

Coolant - Audi states it's lifetime, but there's no such thing as lifetime anything except taxes. If your vehicle is over 10-years old or touching 100,000-miles it's a good idea to have it flushed and replaced. While they're in there, be sure to ask them to give the radiator, temperature sensor and the oil cooler a good look-see since they're known to fail due to corrosion. ... &t=1911537

Fuel Filter - Tucked up and hidden away near the fuel tank is the (petrol) fuel filter which should not be over looked especially since it's not on the Maintenance Schedule. Diesels also have a fuel filter so be sure to change that one too. ... &t=1892701


Coupe -
Good link here for sorting all the various body seals and drains - ... &t=1144209

Roadster - In addition to the Coupe's drains, there are two drip drays located below the roof flaps. These and the drain hose are unique to the Roadster so be sure they're clear. A blocked drain or disconnected hose can lead to water ingress into the bulkhead, which can not only dampen your carpet, but lead to corrosion of the wiring on the fuel pump - ... &t=1831981

Plenum Removal for Drain Inspection & Cleaning -There are two drains under the plenum (the plastic cover under the wiper arms) which can get blocked when debris gets under the plenum cover. This can result in water coming into the cabin through the HVAC intake vent. ... &t=1979747


Spoiler -
The two spoiler hinges should lubricated, especially in city cars that never get up to deploy speed and those who fail to raise and dry them after a car wash. Simple to do, but shouldn't be over looked - ... &t=1918983

Seals - Door and trunk seals should be give a nice coating of silicone lubricant one a year to keep them pliable and prevent ice from sticking to them and the metal work resulting in them becoming torn or damaged.

Wipers - Replace them before the rainy season whether they need it or not. You won't realize how much UV has degraded the rubber until you need them after a long summer - ... &t=1868531

Washer Fluid - You don't want summer washer fluid freezing up and cracking your headlight aliens. Be sure to start putting the blue -20° washer fluid into the bottle towards the end of summer and be sure to flush the aliens so the lines are full of blue fluid.

Key Fob Battery - The smallest things can cause the biggest headaches. Simple #2032 coin battery replacement. Make battery replacement part of your New Year's celebration - ... &t=1882595

Cabin Air Filter - Get the charcoal impregnated version as it does a better job of keeping fumes out. Simple DIY - ... &t=1839339


While not technically a maintenance or service issue, the Mk2 TTs have a well known earth/ground fault that causes the tail light bulb out warning to come on the DIS even though the bulbs are perfectly okay. This link will show you how to add a non-OEM earth/ground wire to both tail lights which will solve the problem - ... 6#p8866786


The Mk2 Roadster is notorious for top failures, most of which can be attributed to the Roof Flap Servos. Fortunately this is a simple DIY which requires removing the Roof Flap Servos and cleaning out the grease that migrates onto the electrical contact surfaces. ... &t=1786641


Just about all the major topics listed above can be found in the workshop manuals which you can download here - ... &t=1833829

Audi Maintenance Schedule (2010) - ... r-2010.pdf


There are a ton of YouTube videos that cover all sorts of maintenance and repair topics. Two of my favorite sites from the USA are Deutsche Auto Parts and the Humble Mechanic. While they are primarily VW guys, the engines and components are nearly identical and they also get into VCDS and OBDeleven programming.

For anyone with a 2.0FSI engine, this Italian video is pretty good -

FSI 2.0 Turbo Engine Maintenance - Informative Video ... &t=1962311

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