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This first link will take you to a comprehensive post on all things associated with the Roadster. For anyone new to the Forum, this is probably the best place to learn all about your Mk2 Roadster.

FAQ - The Ultimate Audi TT Mk2 (8J) Roadster Compendium ... &t=1813258

1.) Common Problems with the Roadster Convertible Soft Top -

The most common issue with the top is not being able to open or close it automatically. The list below includes this and a number of other problems Roadster owners have encountered. Most of these posts have very detailed problems and solutions so you can read through them and see if any are applicable to your particular problem.

Please note - if you find one of these posts is similar to what you are currently experiencing, please raise the old post and add to it. This will help avoid creating dozens of posts on a common issue. Thanks! :)

Soft Top Roof Failure - Please Help! ... 9&t=622842
Detailed information about why the top doesn't function properly and some instructions on manually opening/closing the top when it fails.

Roadster Roof Hydraulics ... &t=1948717
This post covers issues about leaking cylinders and low hydraulic fluid in the convertible top hydraulic pump.

Roadster Flap Anchor Snapped ... &t=1933773
Covers a broken flap servo arm. The ball link connects to the servo arm and roof flap.

Convertible Top Not Going Up ... &t=1900949
Another post on assorted issues about soft top failures and solutions.

Auto Windows at the End of Soft Top Cycle ... &t=1921969
Discusses possible causes of the windows not functioning properly. In the Roadster, they're often associated with the Roof Flap Servos.

Roadster Roof Lining Detached from Rear Window ... &t=1922137
Self explanatory.

Roadster Roof Protection? ... &t=1920527
Provides some information about various soft top care products and the OEM manufactures recommendations.

Convertible Top Care ... &t=1912657
Similar to the post above.

Where are the Convertible Fuses? ... &t=1913055
Self explanatory.

Roof Problem VAGCOM (VCDS) Codes ... &t=1909385
This post includes discussion on the use of VCDS to check for faults and how to clear them and run an Adaptation.

TT Roadster Mk2 Rust ... &t=1965719
This post discusses the area where the roof meets the metal body work. Signs of corrosion in this area include bubbles in the paint and "white rust".

Damp Behind Passenger Seat (Roadster) ... &t=1944945
This post turned out to be rather interesting as it covered damaged drip trays which allowed water to get into the car and soak the carpets behind the seats. The damage resulted from items being placed in the rear convertible top stowage area which ended up sliding down the sides and into the drip trays. When and the top was lowered, the items were crushed and cracked the drip trays. This post also includes a discussion on the removal of the entire convertible top.


2.) Common Solutions for the Roadster Convertible Soft Top -

This is a list of various repair options from the Knowledge Base all in one location. There's a couple of links that are not related directly to the the soft top, but are specific to the Roadster.

FAQ - Mk2 Roadster Convertible Top Fault Codes & Adaptation ... &t=1829258

How To: Audi TT (8J) Manually Closing the Convertible Top ... &t=1347177

How to: Audi TT Mk2 (8J) Convertible Top Flap Servo R&R ... &t=1786641

How to: Audi TT Mk2 (8J) Convertible Roof Alignment ... &t=1921101

How to: Audi TT Mk2 (8J) Convertible Roof Flap Alignment ... &t=1920497

FAQ - Mk2 Roadster "Soft top cannot be used" Message ... &t=1914283

FAQ - Convertible Top Care OEM Factory Instructions ... &t=1853093

How to: Audi TT Mk2 (8J) Soft Top Window Debond Repair ... &t=1874307

How to: Audi TT Mk2 (8J) Roadster Drain Hose Access ... &t=1831981

How To: Audi TT Mk2 Roadster Trunk Lid Panel Removal ... &t=1599538

How To: Audi TT Mk2 Roadster Seat Rear Panel Removal ... &t=1597801

How to: Audi TT Mk2 (8J) Console Tray Phone Kit Removal ... &t=1932081

Roadster Self Study Program (SSP) 391 (PDF download) ... 1430165792


3.) Diagnostic Tools -

There are currently two ways to go when diagnosing convertible top problems; the VCDS by Ross-Tech and the OBD-dongle device offered by OBDeleven, Carista and others. While both systems can provide fault scans and fault codes, the VCDS has the advantage of offering the Adaptation program necessary to reset the top after a flap servo R&R.

At present, there are no known OBD-dongles that offer the Convertible Top Adaptation. But you still have a few options; buy a genuine Ross Tech VCDS and DIY, take your Roadster into a service shop perform the Adaptation, or see if you can find someone in the forum who's willing to run an Adaptation for you.

FAQ - VCDS Open Box Review ... &t=1928927

FAQ - OBDeleven Open Box Review ... &t=1926899



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