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I received my OBDeleven Pro device this week. The Pro just gives you a few more features and more credits up front. In retrospect, the Basic version (€39.99) would be just fine since you can pick up free credits for any of the one-touch apps you may want to implement.

Open post in the Mk2 section can be found here -

FAQ - OBDeleven Open Box Review + Q&A ... &t=1926901

A list of OBDeleven diagnostic features are available on their website -

Application Usage Diagnostic Features - ... tion-usage

After a few emails to the OBDeleven team, they agreed to send me one to try out to see if it will actually perform the convertible top Adaptation. Unfortunately, it can't. So Roadster owners will not be able to resolve failed roof flaps. But for everything else, it's not a bad way to go.

Many thanks to the OBDeleven team for their support. Here's the links they provided for the product, coding and where to buy on Amazon.

You can also download the App from Google Play - ... even&hl=en

Here's their YouTube page which has some additional information- ... l3rlwK93wA

I've owned a Ross-Tech VCDS® HEX-V2® Enthusiast connector and cable for about four years and have used it primarily to resolve the convertible top issue with the flap servos and the Adaptation to get it all working again. I would not consider myself advanced VCDS user, but I am familiar enough with it to have installed and re-coded the RNS-E to accommodate a retrofitted reverse camera, made some long-code changes for LED DLRs and re-coded some other minor tweaks on my 2007 Mk2 Roadster.

Given these devices are relatively new on the market (for comparison, Uwe Ross founded Ross-Tech in 1999) I wanted to see just how well the OBDeleven device works, its ease of use and whether or not it can actually perform an Adaptation for the convertible top. I will be as objective as I can, avoid too much opinion, but give it all the benefits of the doubt and let the reader make their own decision if this is the device for you.

For anyone who has any questions or comments (especially anyone who has an OBDeleven device and knows how they work) please feel free to update the open post in the Mk2 forum. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)

I've added a section inside the post so hopefully we can keep the OBDeleven topic in one location.

Questions & Answers - ... 1#p9248531



OBDeleven NextGen is due to be released Q4-2019. It's basically the same as the previous model, but with iOS compatibility.


Looking up Fault Codes on Ross Tech's Wiki Page -

If you want to know what those fault codes actually mean, you can run a Google Search for "Ross Tech XXXXX" where XXXXX is the fault code. This will bring up a link to Ross Tech's wiki which will describe the fault code, possible causes and solutions.




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