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Maintenance & Service -

As the title indicates, these are service and maintenance procedures specific to the 3.2 VR6 (BUB) engine.

• Accessory Belt, Tensioner & Pulley Replacement ... &t=1983693

• Adding a Drain Valve to the Oil Filter Housing ... 5#p9408655

• Air Filter Replacement ... &t=1895807

• Air Box Removal ... &t=2001479

• Brake Discs and Pads Replacement ... &t=1576106

• FAQ - 3.2 VR6 Camshaft Adjustment Valve (N206 & N318) Test ... &t=2014293

• Charcoal Canister & N80 Purge Valve Replacement ... &t=2010337

• Detecting 3.2L V6 Chain Stretch with VCDS or OBDeleven ... &t=1836951

• G28 Speed/Crank Position Sensor Replacement ... &t=2014267

• PCV Diaphragm Replacement ... &t=1851037

• PCV Diaphragm Replacement - Alternative ... &t=1965923

• Plenum Removal for Drain Inspection & Cleaning ... &t=1979747

• Secondary Air Pump Filter Cleaning ... &p=9391375

• Spark Plug & Coil Pack Change ... &t=1286697

Workshop Manuals & SSPs -

These documents can be found in the Knowledge Base linked below -

FAQ - Audi TT (8J) Workshop Manuals & Self Study Programs ... &t=1833829

• Engine BUB, CBRA - 3.2 ltr, 4-Valve - A005TT01120
• Fuel Supply System ~ Engine ID: BUB, BPY, CPR-A, CDM-A, CCY-A, CET-A CEP-B
• Fuel Injection BUB, CBRA - 3.2 ltr, 4-Valve - A005TT00820
• SSP 924603 3.2 Engine

OBDII Scanners -

As the market for OBDII scanners continues to grow in both popularity and options, the Forum is starting to get more information from our members on how to use these devices and their personal opinions on how well they work. They all have their own pros and cons so you can read through the links below to see which one may work best for your needs.

FAQ - OBDII Scanner Reviews ... &t=2014603

Timing Chain and Timing Chain Tensioner -


Detecting 3.2L V6 Chain Stretch with VCDS ... &t=1836951

This can be done with an OBD device; (e.g VCDS or OBDeleven). The timing chains values in blocks 90,91, 208 & 209 must always be read when the engine is warm. Measurements must always be taken at a minimum of about 60°C operating/oil temperature or higher, otherwise the Variable Cam Adjusters will not be fully active. Measurements are always taken at idle.

Audi hasn't published anything official, so we're all sort of left on our own when it comes to this topic. I think most people discover they have a chain issue when the engine doesn't run properly (mis-fire) or there's a distinct "marbles in a can" noise on side side of the engine where the oil cap is located.

These two Youtube videos from an Audi A3 will give you an idea of what you might hear:

This is what the engine should sound like -
Audi A3 3.2 Noise after Timing Chain Replaced

This is the "marbles in a can" sound -
A3 3.2 Timing Chain Noise

There are a few tell-tale indicators that can be checked with an OBDII device; (a) measurement of chain stretch by looking at the 208 and 209 measuring block values and (b) the appearance of fault code P0016 which indicates Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) & Engine Speed Sensor (G28) are out of sync.

I think it's safe to say 3.2 VR6 owners can start to expect this after the 150,000 mile mark, but that's a very general statement. The point is, the Mk2 3.2 VR6 is an old car now. Since the last one was built in 2010, you're looking at this engine being at least 11-years old now.

About all we can do is frequent oil/filter changes and avoid "long life" oil. Monitor the engine and don't thrash it.

In the US, Canada and Australia there were a series of class action law suits on Timing Chains and Timing Chain Tensioners. If you suspect your timing chain may be affected, it might be worth a trip to an authorized Audi Service Center and have a sit down chat with the Service Manager to discuss what options may be available to you. Just be aware depending on the limitations of these suits, the window of opportunity may have passed.

• USA -
• UK - Not found - anyone?
• Canada -
• Austraila - ... ss-action/

This technical report (sorry, it's in German) goes into a great deal of detail on early chain problems and it's at least worth looking through. Basically, Audi changed chain supplier and they stamped their logo too deep on each link causing a weakness -

Timing Chains Defect on VW/AUDI VR6 ... neVers.pdf

Timing Chain Replacement -


There are a number of Youtube videos out there that show what's involved if you want to tackle this yourself. I've selected two that I think cover this quite well -

How To Properly Time and Install Timing Chains on an R32 VR6

This is the first in a 12-part series of a timing chain replacement for a Golf Mk5 -
Winter Car Project - Timing Chain on Golf R32 Mk5 (VR6) - Part 1



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