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For those of you who have decided the VCDS is your diagnostic tool of choice, this post will try to pull together as much information as possible from various VCDS users in the Forum. While a bit tricky to support all years, engine variants and options, hopefully we can pool our collective knowledge and sort out Mk2 specific issues.

I've owned a Ross-Tech VCDS® HEX-V2® Enthusiast connector and cable for about four years and have used it primarily to resolve the convertible top issue with the flap servos and the Adaptation to get it all working again. I would not consider myself advanced VCDS user, but I am familiar enough with it to have installed and re-coded the RNS-E to accommodate a retrofitted reverse camera, made some long-code changes for LED DLRs and re-coded some other minor tweaks on my 2007 Mk2 Roadster.

It's a great diagnostic tool with excellent functionality and Ross-Tech stands behind their products with their own Forum and great customer service. Not to mention user videos and an entire list of OBD fault codes and possible solutions.

UPDATE - Regarding VCDS Lite:

(From Ross Tech sales) The VCDS-Lite coverage stops with most models around 2004/2005. The Mk2 Audi TT uses CAN communications for diagnostic purposes which are not supported by VCDS-Lite. You need one of our current VCDS products. My suggestions is the HEX-V2 Limited to 3 VINs and costs $199, our lowest price offer that is compatible with your Audi."

For a quick video tour, check out this Tutorial from Charles the Humble Mechanic. Well worth a watch -

VCDS Tutorial ~ How to Use VCDS Scan Tool

VCDS - Open Box Review + Q&A ... &t=1635097 ... &t=1928925

For those who want to use the OBDeleven, here's a link that's supporting that particular diagnostic tool -

OBDeleven - Open Box Review + Q&A ... &t=1926901


Looking up Fault Codes on Ross Tech's Wiki Page -

If you want to know what those fault codes actually mean, you can run a Google Search for "Ross Tech XXXXX" where XXXXX is the fault code. This will bring up a link to Ross Tech's wiki which will describe the fault code, possible causes and solutions.




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