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I completed the installation of an eFlexfuel add-on injector controller a few days ago. Today was the first fill with E85, at €0.81 per litre ! It can be found cheaper but I was feeling extravagant :)

The installation is quite easy, if you are comfortable working with fuel hose and fiddling about in tight spaces. The kit included an erhanol sensor to detect the amount in the fuel , and a new fuel pressure regulator. The latter was a Bosch part, rated to 4 bar. According to eFlexfuel, my puny 180 AJQ engine needs that upgrade.
I fitted the fuel sensor in the return line to the tank, the hose is therefore not under pressure. Whilst doing this I noticed that the original fuel hoses were very cracked, especially so on the insides of the bends. Those hoses were date stamped 06/05/1999. Long past their service life, I replaced them anyway.
After the install I did a quick 2 minute idle reset to the ECU. From the syart the engine ran a lot smoother and mid-range torque was much stronger. This was still on E10/SP95, the improvements were down to the FPR and a new hose from it to the inlet manifold.
The sensor and main controller I have mounted in the space in front of the coolant overflow tank, rerouting the fuel return around it.
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