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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice on this.

I purchased a Forge - SplitR Recirc and Blow Off Valve from the TT shop and tried fitting it. I fitted it ok and set it to hybrid mode so it recirculated some of the air and dumped some or it. However when i did this after a short period of driving it set the engine management light on. Took to my local VW group specialist garage that also fits mods to cars (although not there specialty). He also could not get it working in this mode without making the engine management light come on. Is this becuase it will only work in hybrid or atmospheric mode if it has a remap aswell? Also will it work if i fit it again in full reserc mode only? I did not want to try this again without asking you guys as i cant afford to keep taking it to the garage to reset the engine management!! i would love to be able to have it in a mode where i do get some atmospheric noise (as i am a big kid!). Currently i have the standard Audi valve back in again.

The reson i bought this was it was going to be my first stage of modding my engine. I also want to fit a new air filter and give it an APR remap but need to save the money first!

Any and all advise would be greatfully received. Thanks.

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uioppi said:
try to invert the valve.
Yep did you fit it in reveres as Froge tell you to :?:
You could give Forge a ring on 01452 380999 they will be happy to help :p

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Thank you for your replies.

I can confirm that i did fit in reverse as Forge and the TT shop instruct.

I will try giving forge a call to see if they can help further.
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