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kazinak said:
Great pictures and great car

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Thanks Kaz :)

TTSPORT666 said:
Stunning pics and bug. Nice one. [smiley=guitarist.gif]

Thanks Damien!

Nilesong said:
Ben's car has got to be one of my faves on this forum.

Looking good mate. 8)

ian222 said:
Are they yet again new wheels Ben? Nice all round tt.
I had picked them up at the end of last season. I think I'll keep these for a while. Maybe rebuild and repaint them over the winter..

Marco34 said:
Agree, he must have drunk the Stella. :p

Great pics.

Dooleyz said:
Wow great pictures and great car matey inspiration to get my ass into gear!
Appreciate it.

Ruffmeister said:
Seen your progress thread a couple of times in the past. Love your TT! Great pics :D
Thanks! I should update that thread...

Brendanb86 said:
Amazing car, one of my favourites on here.
Thanks Brendan :)

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Nice car, lovely setting for your pics. 8)

But ummmmmmm.... can of wife beater - classy [smiley=cheers.gif]

...I'll get me vest ;)

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My favourite car on here!

Prefer your old wheels though ;)
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