Calipers - fully refurbished 1 year ago and painted in red, some areas of paint faded to black since; FNR-G-57/1LN; piston diameter 57mm; p/n 8P0615123A & 8P0615124A
Brake discs - BSD1606; used for 1 year;
Brake lines - braided Goodridge, used 1 year;
Brake pads - used OE Audi, 60% life remaining;
Anti-rattle springs - 1 set installed + 1 spare unused set;
Maintenance kit - replacement piston, seals, grease - all unused.

The set is fully functional, taken from a working car. Securely packed for collection.
It's a 1:1 replacement for any TT 8J/mk2 car, possibly S3 8P as well.
Calipers will need some cleaning and pads will need bedding-in to the discs.
You may need new carrier bolts N90948802 as well as those are one time use AFAIK.
Price in £, negotiable.
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