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Rather than revive another old thread and get flamed for it again ,ill start a new one


Ive got the issue where there is a grinding noise from the rear ,when doing slow tight turns ,(on and off the drive as an example )

There are a lot of posts around ,that say the earth strap from the haldex could cause this issue
so under i went to have a look

Now there's nowhere a strap has been fitted ,and no sign anywhere of a broken cable
says on here that it is bolted to the floor pan ,cant see where due to the fuel tank being in the way

this picture is take on passenger side viewed just fwd of the drive shaft.
bolt/strap are about at the 11 o'clock position and go up to a stud on the floorpan, which may also shear off when you look at it. It can get very corroded down there.
The plug connection is on the back of the diff, usually behind a small ally heatshield.. just in front of the rear silencer ... nside.html

other posts suggest removing the haldex fuse as a tester , (fuse 31)

Fuse 31 on my car is marked up different to an earlier post i read ?



also what is the layout of the fuses ,which fuse relates to number 31 ?

Any thoughts on this from folk with an early car ,mines a 1999
reads on here that the early car was set up slightly differently

2001 Amulet Red 225 coupe.Owned from new as well as a Nurburg VXR & an XR3, all from new.
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Hi, My info states Fuse 31 for USA & UK TTs.
Hoggy. :D
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