Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-can VW - Audi interface. I bought this item through an official UK re-seller, Marshall Industrial

The interface is the HEX-USB+CAN version and is VIN UNLIMITED. The unit and cable are in fabulous condition, it has only ever had personal use a maximum of 5 cars. Being genuine it is possible to run the latest version of VCDS software and, when you register the device with Ross Tech you can obtain diagnostic support on their forums. None of this is possible with the cheap clones / copies often available on ebay

It is compatible with all cars which require a direct CAN connection for diagnostics and backwards compatible with older cars using a single K-line or
K plus L.

This interface works with all diagnostic-capable VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda models from 1990 through 2015.
It does NOT fully support the following vehicles:

2016+ Audi Q7
2016+ Audi A4 B9 .
2017+ models (including all MQB-A0)

It works fine on the MK2 TT but has limited functionality on the MK3