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This post will provide the instructions necessary to adjust the top if your roof latch is hitting the striker plate in the wrong place -

a.) When opening the top, the latch catches the striker plate too fart aft
b.) When opening the top, the guide pin "jumps" out of the striker plate
c.) When closing the top, the latch hits the base, inside the striker plate
d.) When closing, the latch hits the striker the striker plate too far aft

After checking the alignment of your top, it may be necessary to install a shim kit (P/N 8J7898950) which includes a set of four shims; 0.5mm, 1.0mm. 1.5mm and 2.0mm for both the left and right side.

Please follow the link below for some discussion on this topic -

Rooftop Not Aligned ... &t=1920153


Here's a TSB published by Audi and a 2-part PDF adjustment and installation instruction you can download -

View attachment TSB - Convertible Top Adjustment.pdf
View attachment TTVERDEK-01.pdf
View attachment TTVERDEK-02.pdf


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