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Apologies if this isn't directly MKII related but I thought some may have missed this post by Grant, buried deep in his farewell thread, so I've dragged it out for an airing by proxy :wink: (Apologies again for blatant plugging of this good cause :roll: )

DUO3 NAN said:
I'm touched. In more ways than one.
Thanks for all the nice posts and pm's.
I am going to miss it here, but being in my situation it would be easier buy the day to sit here and take the piss.
However, i didnt retire for that.

Next month i'm doing the London marathon as is Pauls(Naughtty's) brother in law.
I have a lot of sponsorship my end and i dont need any more as ive hit my target.
Please, please, please read Pauls sticky at the top of the Off Topic section and read his story.
He's a great forum member and needs all the help he can get.
Ive already donated £200 on reading his story, and i'm willing to do the same again if the mk2 forum manages to match my second offer of a donation.

Remember what the forum is about, were here to help each other, have a laugh but mostly take the piss.

As a favour to me, please read Pauls sticky, a few quid here and a few quid there all adds up.

Ill be posting still till about 11pm, then thats it.
Its been great fun this time and i get to leave on my terms rather than put up with the bullsh*t i endured last year.

Remember, the forum is what you make it, and of late although some members disagree with the laughing and joking, its made it a nice place to be.

Again, thanks for an enjoyable 3 months and dont forget to look at Naughtty's sticky. OOOoeeer.

Many thanks for reading this and in advance for any donations :)
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