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Hi everyone,

This is my first post so here goes!

I have been having for the last 6 months or so a very irritating knocking/clicking noise from my front left suspension when going over small bumps/irregularities in the road at low speeds which was driving me crazy.

Last service 180000km Audi dealer told me it was the upper shock mount and bearing which they replaced on both sides at huge cost but the noise was still there! They told me to have the shocks tested at a roadworthy workshop which i did but the shocks were fine!

Was supposed to take it to Audi again today,they said they whould have to take the suspension apart bit by bit to find the problem (dealers are not good at diagnosing these types of problems,they are good at oil changing and run of the mill stuff!).

Was busy browsing this forum to see what the culprit might be when an add popped onto my screen from Syd's Suspension Parts in Pretoria.Got onto thier site and saw that they diagnose and repair while u wait,gave them a call and they said i could bring the TT in immediately.

The guy took 5min to diagnose the problem,after test driving he pulled it over the pit and had an assistant rock the car from side to side with the door open and his hands firmly on the upper doorframe,he had me hear and feel the Knocking/clicking noise, it was coming from the droplink where it attaches to the stabilizer bar.

Both were replaced at reasonable cost and i am happy with my "new" tt again (2000 Model).Great service from this specialist suspension shop,sure hard to come by here in South Africa.

I hope that this posting will prevent other owners from having a feeling of "just sell the bloody thing" ,TT still the best car i have ever owned and although its 12 years old i intend to get many more km out of her.

Thanks to forums like this it makes it easier to keep my TT in top shape,Thanks!


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