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hey all,
joined the forum a couple of weeks ago and been using heavily after the purchace of my black qS 55 plate but forgot to say hello on here...
done some mobs (thanks to the forum) already. put a BMC CDA air filter and the Forge 007p DV. joined the TTOC. put in an alpine IDA X-305 (with the extra blue tooth & ipod gubbins) and already have a long list of things still to be done. so i guess i can thank all you's for making it all look so good and tempting.
i have a black quattro Sport 55 plate with 30000 miles on the clock, there was no mods or remaps, (it was standard) from the day i got it) as mentioined, have already done two mods, and throughly enjoyed it and looking to do loads more, whats anyone elses opinion on what to do next.....?
heres some pictures of when i went to pick her up.....

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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