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As per the title really, I am selling my Liquid TT as no longer want it decided I want my air vents back so I can mount a boost and oil pressure gauge and don't want to go down to only having 1 vent available!

So it's a liquid TT already in the vent with a gloss black fascia as the original black fascia started looking worn so I painted it gloss black.

Will upload pictures when I return home this afternoon, the liquid TT will come with a new cable which I am acquiring from Race Diagnostics (due to the original cable been hard-wired in) and the CD manual along with password for the device.

Looking for £135 including your standard vent which you can send me back once you have the Liquid installed and working in your car.

Payment by paypal gift or can be collected in Leeds area for cash. Will be posted by next working day delivery as soon as I've received the replacement cable from Race Diagnostics.
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