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Well it looks like I'm going to be splitting the car up and putting it back to standard after the next 2 shows so decided to put a list together with prices so anyone that's interested in any parts just let me know.

-Full air ride £1800 or £1600 with your coilovers
-19x9 Carline 3 piece alloys with tyres £2000
-custom interior with Porsche seats £1000 with your standard interior
-sfs hoses tip, upper boost hoses and dv relocation £175
-forge 007p £60
-forge polished strut, oil and water caps £80
-custom polished cam and inlet covers £50
-polished debaffled charge pipe £40 (original brackets don't fit over as pipe diameter is larger)
-smoothed front bumper £250 plus your original silver one
-smoothed rear bumper £250 plush your standard silver one
-smoothed boot lid £200
-diesel geek metal sump protector £200
-15mm engine spacers
-cat back exhaust with vortex box £300 plus your original cat back
-3" dp and sports cat £250 plus your original (take off and fitting at your cost)
-mk2 flat bottom steering wheel with airbag cover (no airbag) £250

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