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updated original post from weds 22 August 2012

right this stuff needs to go - so all offers sensible and silly ( you never know ) are invited . i have the skin of a rhino and aint easily offended. Pictures can be found on ebay - just search Audi tt hardtop , then see sellers other items

Having issues up loading pics at present hence see ebay please.

This may hinder sales but here goes - im panbikes and me and my roadster were on bbc watchdog years ago campaigning tirelessly for some of you to get your dashpods sorted !!! So that alone means you should make me an offer for my tt stuff for sale :p

These parts are just hanging around depressing me now - I need some wedge in my pocket and want them to go to a good enthusiasts home.

Sorry I cant offer postage - just aint got the time to spend hrs wrapping parcels and then it gets damaged, lost in transit or you aint happy with my description

And for those that cant travel to me for collection , just get a mate in the south to pop round mine for a cuppa and chat - he buys the gear and he posts it up to you - just a thought - there is bargains to be had here people - crack on :wink:

oh and today in my daughters toy shed I found TT wiper arms , brand new door seal, coupe aerial , dust cover , air bag light and other odds and sods .......try me for theat odd bit of trim - I probably have it ..somewhere ... :)

original post...

sadly sold my mk1 roadster to buy a family wagon , heres what I have left over from 7 years of hoarding parts

collection only please from Hampton court south west london - just want to ensure you see what you are buying and are happy with its condition

denim blue hard top with full fitting kit £850 ex cond

dark blue soft top £250 good cond

coupe rear black leather seats £50 good cond

soft top heated rear glass window £65 ex cond

coupe rear boot lid no rear window no spoiler but straight though no dents or rust FOC

225hp standard cats £85 ex cond sold

glovebox £25 ex cond

roadster deluxe load boot liner £25 ex cond

225hp intercooler brand new £ 75

koni fully adjustable suspension kit £350 good cond

tonneau cover aftermarket with storage bag £75 ex cond

alternator brand new £65

will have another root around the sheds and loft to see what else I can find and list them at the top of this post . I believe my prices are fair, let me know please if Im well out though - thanks for looking ,

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