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Ok so I have persuaded the gf to keep the tt as her annual car that she will use like once a week for a short shopping outing lol. This means that I will still be insured to drive it as a named driver. So the BMW convertible will be getting bought this summer fo my birthday present from myself.

This is the spec that my tt will have and that will be it. We will be trading in her polo to bring down the cost of the bmw. Good times

Here goes

Carbon Black pearlescent Golf gti 18" alloys with 15mm spacers front and 25mm rear
V6 front bumper/ rear valance and rear spoiler with upper lip painted gloss black
Tinted windows (front light and rear dark)
qs style roof and mirrors
red painted calipers front and rear
crystal side repeaters soon to be black smoke ones
Osir clear front indicators
Was' lense style DRL's
Was' rear LED lights (full spec version
Was' number plate lights
rear audi badge painted black
Double brake light mod

Leather grab handles, gear gaitor and handbrake gaitor
Forge Big Knob
Aluminium Handbrake cover
Blue interior light
S-line steering wheel (the wheel with the Audi insignia on the bottom)
Pioneer DVD player, with touch screen and Sat Nav and Ipod (soon to have tv)
Aluminium coin holder surround and mirror switch and tweeter rings.
Dash buttons
Aftermarket leather seat belt plug covers (very nice one thinks)
Vagcom unlock of auto lock, one door unlock only on one press, alarm beep and daylight illumination of dash pod

Alpine type R 12" subwoofer
Alpine pdx amp
enclosure suited for tt boot

BMC Filter
Forge divertor valve (007 one)

Coming in the next couple of weeks

Black fuel cap and mk2 indicator conversion
Also eventually a remap if the gf agrees and lower 40mm with tie bars (I currently have the facelift suspension)

I have owned the car 19 months. Is that a goood amount of mods or is that amateur. There may be more mods that I have not listed.

Thanks and sorry if I have bored you.
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