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Hello Ladies and Gents,

My name is Bowen and I am an Audiaholic. Now thats out of the way, I am looking for your help and advice.

I currently drive an A4 Cabriolet, last night I looked at p/xing it for a MK1 TT 225 Quattro.

Stats of the TT;
2001 Y reg on a private plate
130k miles
Full heated leather
8 months MOT
4 months Tax
and other bits and pieces that I cant think of right now.

The bad bits; I have done some reading up [smiley=book2.gif] but would like your knowledgable input?

The gear stick is very sloppy, although changes ok. Is this a sign of gearlinkage wear?
Driver seat dip handle is snapped. Is this a common fault repair or replace?
Airbag light on, scanned with vagcom read short to control unit

Anyway, thanks for lookingand hope to have some replies.


2001 Amulet Red 225 coupe.Owned from new as well as a Nurburg VXR & an XR3, all from new.
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Hi Bowen, Welcome to the TTF..
Service history is very important. cambelt/water pump every 65k miles or 5 years which ever comes first, dash instruments (dashpod) read correctly, coolant temp reaches 90 within a couple of miles & stays there.
Get written confirmation of cambelt/water pump change or reduce price by £500 & get it replaced ASAP.
3.2 V6 no turbo or cambelt to worry about, so should be more reliable, DSG may be weak link, unless you can find a manual.& a nicer exhaust note.
Don't rush into it. A good TT is a wonderful car, a bad un can be a money pit.
Plenty of good uns out there, but probably more bad uns, so as I said don't rush into it.
Hoggy. :D

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This may be of no use, but I had a slack gearstick on a Golf GTi I bought off a friend some years ago. While the car was in a garage getting some routine servicing work done, I mentioned the gearstick. They said they replaced some springs and packed in some grease, and it seemed normal again afterwards! So it may be just the locating springs for the stick rather than anything more sinister. How was the clutch bite point? Any sign of the clutch slipping?

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