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Have you ever thought or wanted to know how your TT was or will your be made?

The MKII TT has come a very long way from the MKI originally designed by J Mays and Freeman Thomas, with Martin Smith and Romulus Rost contributing to the award winning interior design (all whom currently work for ford)

Overview of the process
The TT is assembled in two different locations, the bodywork and paint are done in Ingolstadt in Germany, and vehicle assembly is completed at Gyor in Hungary. After the body components are put together almost completely automatically by 247 robots the completed and painted bodyshells are then loaded onto trains at the plant. The TT bodyshells embark on the approximately 650 kilometre-long trip from Ingolstadt to Györ in Hungary in special closed wagons. Up to three trains make this journey per day. (or did)

Once in the 35,000 m2 assembly area at Gyor, the body shells are sent to the production line (which is 240 Meters long and has 65 individual workstations). The new Audi TT is built in an average time of just 10 hours!

The assembly process is being operated on the basis of a three-shift system. Approximately 800 employees.

Build stages

Checkpoint 1 - Random fault generator
Checkpoint 2 - Rattle installation
Checkpoint 3 - Bodyshell shop
Checkpoint 4 - Paint shop
Checkpoint 5 - Start of Assembly
Checkpoint 6 - Drive train Assembly
Checkpoint 7 - Final Assembly Check
Checkpoint 8 - Factory Complete
Checkpoint 9 - Transportation
Checkpoint 10 - UK Port

Production Numbers
in 2011, 25508 units
in 2010, 26,217 units
in 2009, 22,821 units
In 2008, 41,789 units
in 2007, 18,570 units

Here are two short videos to get you in the mood for your new car.

The building and development of Gyor (Home and birth place of your TT)

Not sure what TFSI is? Or how it all works? (Germany - sorry)

Here's a short animation and the key points of TSI engine (VWs version of TFSI)
for the 1.4 model, but its in English!

New 1.8 TFSI 160HP engine that will be appearing in the TT in March

20TDI 170HP engine that is now offered in the TT (Germany, Sorry)

Generic (none Audi) animation on how an engine works.

How is your car tested before it gets delivered?
just kidding, only a few special cars get this level of TLC between factory
build and delivery to the dealer. (German, Sorry) :p

TT in detail
A comprehensive look around at the features and design details
of both the TTC and TTR (Models shown are TTS's)

Promotional Videos


Generic TT adverts (none model specific)

The making of Audi TT Mk2 - Pure Energy promotional video

Audi quattro

25 years of quattro

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