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Due to a change in my circumstances im selling my mobile valeting buisness.

What you will get.

Company name (not registered however)
Facebook page
Citreon berlingo van on a 52 plate fully stickered up will just require mobile number changing, the van is fully equiped with water butt's and hose pipe connections.
Clarke 6 speed machine polisher and accerssories including buffing pads
Karcher high powered mini vaccume cleaner (same size as henry but much more powerful)
Vax Carpet and upholstorey cleaner perfect for car interior's
Nomad 18v battery powered jet wash upto 98psi, with 14 litre water tank, this bit of kit is awesome. In car 18v battery charger when your inbetween job's.
Selection of cleaning cloth's and buffing bonnets, charmois leather, and microfibre towels.
Selection of wax's, and polish's, autoglym products, t-cut, autosmart, etc well over £250 worth.
Paper car mat's.
Around 50 car air freshener's.
Plastic seat cover's.
10 meter extension reel.

This company actually doesnt owe me anything as it has made a fair few quid, its perfect for 2 friends to run on weekends or as full time, ive been trying to balance it between contracting, working away and weekends, but im off to spain to work so thats the reason im selling up.

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