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I have for sale a ModShack MOFO for a 225 TT
The addition of a bigger diameter MAF (Mass Air Flow) tube and appropriate fueling enhancements through the use of a 4 bar FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) results in some noticeable performance and driveability improvements. Car will have a torquier bottom end, yet breath better up top due to the fuel timing changes and greater airflow. It is recommended the car be chippped but will work with stock ECU (not stock airbox though).

MOFO (Mass Oxygen Flow Optimizer) or (BAMM)

The idea behind the MoFo is to allow the car to breath better by increasing the MAF housing size. Increasing the inner diameter by only .15 of an inch increases the surface area by more than 11%.

Basic physics will tell you, that when you increase the diameter, the velocity of the air running through it is reduced (even though you're getting more air volume.)


Photo available via email if required but can be seen on the ModShack Website
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