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Well the old battery was replaced about 3 month ago, :) and no problems leaving the car standing for days or weeks she would start no problem,

Went out this morning and couldn't get in car. Totally flat had to use key to open door and pop bonnet, took Bosh battery out for charging and was flat as a pancake :( :( ....

Nothing has changed on car , no tracker, no stereo on , no alarm box fitted due to broken so I removed it ,

Please help me , is there anything I can check , I'm not very good with a multi metre so a step by step guide my help me if possible ,, really annoying problem and I would like to resolve it ,, dash pod is original and still works ok


2001 Amulet Red 225 coupe.Owned from new as well as a Nurburg VXR & an XR3, all from new.
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Hi DD, How long since you last used her.?.. Sure lights/interior light not left on.
Recharge battery & replace, connecting Pos cable only. Drivers door closed, Using meter (digital preferably) selected to 10 amps, connect one meter lead to neg terminal & other lead to Neg battery cable & read meter, if no reading, select next amp selection probably 2 amps & check for a reading, if still no reading select 200 Ma & check for reading.
Once you get a reading, remove fuses until reading reduces.That the circuit that is causing drain prob.
If every thing appears fine, reconnect battery Neg cable as normal & check battery volts are 14.5 with engine running to prove alternator O.K. or Perhaps new battery has failed anyway.
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