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In relation to DASHPOD thread -
I too now have a battery that is dead flat, it started to go flat after two weeks in the garage with no use, then after having it checked by the local Auto Club call out mechanic who said the battery seemed fine and was accepting a charge, and that I should invest in a trickle charger which I did, it has gradually deteriorated over two months to not holding a charge for a day.
Now I'm not sure if I have a dashpod problem or not, because I suspect my battery is original, meaning it's 8 years old! and they don't make that OEM battery anymore.
So at this point I suspect the battery is at end of life, and at 8 years with infrequent use and a total of 35,000klms (21,000miles) a bloody good life at that!
So my next question is, do I go with a new upgraded from original OEM replacement battery from the dealer at 30% increased cost over a quality after market replacement, or save a little for other things and go for the aftermarket brand with similar spec and the same two year warranty?

Any advice would be most welcome.
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