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I have a 2002 'Black' 225 Coupe and I'm trying to source a replacement rear bumper. There are a couple on eBay for the same year etc but..

Q: Does anybody know if there were different "metallic black" paint codes? Mine looks almost brown in bright sunlight and black in the shade. Also, how to I find my paint code?

Thanks in advance.

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So I have found my paint code and its Phantom Black Pearl: LZ9Y

Having asked a couple of eBayers for the paint code of the bumpers they have available, none seem to know. This makes makes purchasing rather difficult.

I've found a list of all BLACK paints available on MK1 TTs. Please can any help confirm which of the other black shades are metallic or not. This will at least reduce the risk of me buying the wrong colour bumper.

Raven Black Pearl: LZ9V = Metallic (Confirmed)
Brilliant Black: LY9B
Phantom Black Pearl: LZ9Y
Cherry Black: ????
Ebony Black: ????

Thanks again in advance.

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Akoyasilber-Metallic Y7H
Arktisweiss Y9D
Avussibler-Perleffekt Y7J
Amulettrot Y3C
Atlasgrau-Metallic Y7Q
Avocadogrün-Perleffekt Z6R
Beere-Perleffekt (Violett) Z4W
Brillantschwarz Y9B
Brillantweiss Y9F
Brillantrot Y3J
Burgundrot-Perleffekt Z3K
Canvasbeige-Metallic Y1X
Casablankca (weiss) Y9G
Dakarbeige-Metallic Y1Q
Delphingrau-Metallic Y7Z
Denimblau-Perleffekt Z5W
Dolomitgrau-Perleffekt Z7J
Ebonyschwarz-Perleffekt Z9W
Fliederblau-Perleffekt Z4U
Gletscherblau-Perleffekt Z7K
Goodwoodgreen-Perleffekt Z6X
Imolagelb Y1C
Kirschschwarz-Perleffekt Z9X
Kristallblau-Metallic Y7R
Lavagrau-Perleffekt Z7L
Lichtsilber-Metallic Y7W
Liquidblau-Metallic Y5J
Lorbeergrün-Metallic Y6R
Moroblau-Perleffekt Z5J
Piemontrot-Perleffekt Z3H
Papayaorange Y2B
Mandelbeige-Metallic Y1R
Mauritiusblau-Perleffekt Z5C
Misanorot-Perleffekt Z3M
Mingblau-Perleffekt Z5L
Muranogrün-Perleffekt Z6Q
Merlotrot-Perleffekt Z3Q
Rabenschwarz-Perleffekt Z9V
Schilfgrün-Perleffekt Z6C
Sprintblau-Perleffekt Z5F
Silberviolett-Metallic Y4W
Tukangelb Y1H
Tiefgrün-Perleffekt Z6E
Veneziaviolett-Perleffekt Z4Z
Zitrusgelb Y1G

Its in german, but easy to translate.


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You can get phantom black touch up from the dealers it is the same colour as the roof on the qS

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So all the other blacks, apart from Brilliant Black, are "Perleffekt / Pearlescent".

And knowing Raven Black Pearlescent is metallic, then so all other pearlescent paints will be most likely be?
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