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I have just taken all the following kit out of my 911, it is all in good working condition and all the cables that were needed to fit it were taken out and are all included. All items have been installed, so some wires may have been cut, extra earth / power cables may have been spliced in and sticky pads may need to be replaced etc. If anyone is interested in any item then I can send pics of the actual cables supplied.

I will post more details and actual pics when I get home, but to gauge interest I have the following:

Pioneer HD3

This is similar to the HD-3BT ( but without built in Bluetooth, the BT version retails for about £1,600 online. As far as I can tell it has all the same features apart from the Bluetooth. It is a double din unit, so suited to Mk2 TTs, or any other cars you may have with a double din slot. It is an all in one package with built in sat nav, so no second box to hide away and no DVDs to scratch as the maps are all on the internal hard disk. The 30Gb hard disk contains maps for a heap of European countries and also has 10Gb free for music. When you play a CD, the unit will copy the tracks (if you want it to) onto the HDD, they are then accessible via the library function. I have also purchased a speed camera database and loaded this onto the unit.

I am looking for £800 + p&p for this, there is one on eBay at the moment with bidding up to over £600, so I will stick it on there and take my chances if no one here wants it first!

Pioneed ND-BT1 (Bluetooth Adaptor)

Bluetooth adapter for use with the above. Appears to be an american model (, but works fine with the AVIC-HD3 and I would assume would work with any other Pioneer unit with the correct socket on the back.

Retails for $120 in the US, looking for £50 sold with the above preferably, however will consider selling it separately - offers please.

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