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For everyone who can't make it on this years UK TTOC Alpine Tour
May Friday 9th May - Sunday 18th May, organized by TThriller

http://www.******** ... hp?t=88487

Here is a taster of the Stelvio Pass, if you haven't already seen or heard about it, it's an amazing stretch of road in the Alps of northern Italy near Bormio.

In a 2007 episode of the BBC television programme Top Gear, presenter Jeremy Clarkson named it the best driver's road in the world, after driving it in a Lamborghini with colleagues James May, in an Aston Martin track car, and Richard Hammond, in a Porsche. EON Productions scouted the pass in 2007 as a possible car-chase location for shooting of the second Bond film to star Daniel Craig as 007.

The Top Gear clip...

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