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Hi everyone, we would like to introduce you to a new project we recently started called Project Road2Race:

The idea is simple, take a road car and turn it into a race car. Not just a race car, but a competitive race car. The difference with this project is that we wanted to show that it could be done on a relatively low budget, a budget not too dissimilar to that of a big turbo conversion and engine build.

Some people might not be interested in going the whole hog and actually going racing, however they might be interested in seeing how to prepare a car properly for the track and seeing once again that you needn't remortgage your house in order to give some of the big boys at track-days a run for their money.

We will be building 2 Seat Leons and competing in them at the SuperPro VAG Trophy Championship. The Championship was designed as a series for tuning and track enthusiasts to get involved with on a bit of a budget, whilst ensuring you still get the adrenaline rush that only comes with competitive racing.

There will be updates posted 3 times a week on the progress of the cars, so click through to the Facebook page and 'Like' to check out what we've already done and stay up to date.

Motors TV have now confirmed they will be broadcasting the documentary following the progress of the project. So stay tuned and enjoy the snippets of the documentary as we make it from Road 2 Race, the definitive guide on how to #GoFaster.
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