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After lasting less than 2k miles the cheap aftermarket sensor that I fitted (it came with the car when it was bought) has given up the ghost.

Looking at ECP's site they only have one listing for the rear sensors "Pagid ABS sensor rear left & right" at the eyewatering sum of £61.20. I could be wrong, and I'm waiting for Audi to call me back, I'm certain that Audi charge less than ECP!
To save me hanging around all day, anyone recently bought a rear ABS sensor from Audi who can give me an idea on price.

Alternatively, any recommendations for alternative sources for the sensors - really not interested in cheap ebay versions.

Finally, before I go spending, I've just had my first go with VAG-COM and I've got the following:
00290 G46 wheel sensor rear left
012 elec fault in circuit

That does indicate a duff sensor, or does the 012 indicate a wiring issue?

Help, advice or buying recommendations will be hugely appreciated :)


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Hi, i don't think the aftermarket sensors is that bad so it might be a dirty connection. I have read on here a while back on someones abs sensor being falty and all it was was dirt and did not make good connection. Hope that helps. Try cleaning them all first.

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