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Apparently it's that time when electrical devices start failing in their droves. The latest casualty after years of service is my Marantz AV amplifier. The front speakers aren't driven any more and by process of elimination by swapping things around and trying different sources I've confirmed it is indeed the amp that's just not doing anything with them anymore :x

My requirements are simple:
Output: 4.0 (the front speakers are full range so I have no need of a .1!)
Input: Rare use of optical input from TV. 4.0 input from media centre PC, (other options include optical, digital coax and HDMI through the gfx card, which would then have to be passed to the TV).
And something more flexible than the Marantz which couldn't be configured to use optical input from the PC without having a wire permantently dangling out of the front of it :roll:

What I don't need:
* Another amplifier the size of a potting shed
* Inputs for umpteen Hi-Fi components
* Video throughput

Ideas please?
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